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Our tactics to propel you


Determine your objectives


Define your target audience



Define your global budget for implementation and maintenance



Conceive your web design according to your objectives



Creating and writing your content



Implementation of monitoring tools and performance markers


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of websites
with WordPress

Our team specializes in website design under the WordPress content management platform. Indeed, we have decided to become specialists in this platform for production efficiency reasons making the sites more affordable for our clients.

A well-built site should be a powerful marketing tool to help you generate more leads, increase conversions and generate sales. For more than 8 years, we have been using only the WordPress platform to design high quality, fast, 100% mobile-ready and search-engine optimized websites to drive new business opportunities.


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with Woocommerce

The WordPress platform with WooCommerce is the best, most reliable and most customizable e-commerce solution to create an online store. 

  • Simple management interface and integration with accounting software;
  • Complete solution for receiving online payments and deliveries;


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Divi & Elementor

WordPress training is designed for professionals, organizations and businesses who want to take full control of their website. They may already have a WordPress site and/or want to improve it or are thinking about adding WordPress to their web presence.

The goal of this training is to demystify WordPress and indicate the tools, tips and tricks and best practices to implement in order to maximize its use in a business context.

Depending on whether you are just starting out or are a more seasoned user, the content that will be offered to you during this training will be adapted to your needs.

You'll learn how to integrate WordPress into your web presence; how to set up your blog; create pages; manage visitor comments; customize your theme; maximize functionality with plugins and widgets; optimize your content for search engines; and maintain your application.

The lesson plan is built on the following learning model:

  1. Scenario;
  2. Demonstration;
  3. Exercise.
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& Security

Today, websites are no longer part of a company's " régler and oublier " project category. They are important assets that will evolve within a company. As technology changes rapidly and continuously, the WordPress software used to run your company's website is constantly being updated to make it more efficient, safer, faster and easier for search engines to index.

More importantly, since the website is now a crucial part of a company's growth, it requires extra precautions to ensure that this investment is protected and that it can function at all times. It is a channel through which prospects, customers, suppliers, new staff and potential partners will find you and engage with you. It is fundamental to the success of your business and one thing is certain, you want the peace of mind that it will be in place and available to your audience 24/7.

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